Electric Scooter Wholesale USA: Why We're The Best

Public transport is a hassle that does not offer you the flexibility of your own timings. Not only that, it’s also incredibly stressful during rush hours and time consuming. And if you live in LA, even driving your own car can sometimes feel like a drag when you’re stuck in traffic half the time. 

As people are slowly developing a realization that there is a life beyond the daily worries of fuel prices and maintenance costs, electric scooters are becoming all the rage. 

So, you’ve made a choice to buy an electric scooter. But now you have to search the market to find the best electric scooter wholesale supplier. Given the thousands of choices you have on the market these days, choosing the right product can be a difficult task to do. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. 

Why Are Electric Scooters Taking Over? 

For starters, not only are they incredibly convenient, but they also save you a lot of time and make your commute from one place to another much easier. If you ask around, it's well-known that we are the single biggest Electric Scooter Wholesale USA; so, if you’re looking to get into the trend, you’ve come to the right place!

We, at Los Angeles Scooters Pro, don’t target sales figures. From our humble beginnings, we knew targeting the best quality, and complete customer satisfaction was the only way to sustain success. 

Through our range of products, whether it's the A11, the A3, the electric scooter or the moped we’ve gained thousands of loyal customers who rave about this quick-fix solution to all their transportation problems. 

Regardless of what age group you’re in, our electric scooters are the best option for you. Customers describe the driving experience as “Not too heavy to maneuver, but also not too light enough to compromise on sturdiness” 

Customers love how the scooters are the perfect size, whether you’re 6 or 60, and cater to all sorts of transport needs. Whether you need to run small errands, or use it for your daily transport. Some of our scooters, like the A3, offer upto 26 miles on a full charge and a decent speed of upto 18 MPH. 

The portability and quick fold option offers the most attraction to our customers who find this solution to be a life saver. There are a number of electric scooters in the market which might offer. But you don’t want to be stuck lugging around a heavy electric scooter with you everywhere you go. 

Heading to the office? Don’t spend another hour after reaching to find a good parking spot, just put it under your desk. 

Heading to the supermarket? Fold the scooter and keep it in your cart. 

Visiting a friend? Leave it next to the coat hangers. Or better yet, plug it in and let it charge while you go about your day.

How Did We Become the Largest USA Electric Scooter Wholesale Supplier?

The integration of technology has been an important factor in improving the quality of our products. For example, we’ve ensured that our scooters are fit for every terrain with the addition of pneumatic tires protected by steel meshes. In simpler terms, the tires on any of the electric scooters you buy from us are simply unpuncturable! All of this comes at an affordable price that ensures our products don’t fall out of range for anyone.

One of the factors that has helped us become the biggest Electric Scooter Wholesale USA supplier is that our prices don’t compromise on style or features for any of our bikes. If anything, our electric scooters come with a futuristic outlook that sets you apart, take the X4 for example. It’s LED lights on either side makes it look like you’re floating on a halo. 

There’s no real secret as to why we have gained a competitive advantage over every other electric scooter supplier in Los Angeles. 

Getting on top is the result of the value and trust that our customers have put in us. As the largest electric scooter wholesale USA supplier, we offer complete transparency about our products. So, if you’re still in doubt about the quality of the products, come down and have a visit to our warehouses and try our electric scooters for yourself.

This helps us ensure complete trust with our customers and for you to make sure that what you receive will be of top-notch quality. After all, we understand how online shopping can be a little tricky sometimes, especially buying something like an electric scooter. 

So, there you go, now you know what makes us the best electric scooter wholesale supplier. But don’t take our word for it, ask around, and if you can’t find someone you know, we’ll be happy to give you references as well!