5 Reasons Why We're The Best Electric Scooter Wholesale Supplier in the USA

Whether you realize it or not, we’re living through another era of transportation revolution. Much like the transition from carriages and carts to fuel run mass transport, we are looking at a transition to electric vehicles. 

More so, we are realizing the value of ditching tedious errands that come with using many of the kinds of means of transport we use, the worst of which is of course, parking. Most of us spend longer finding a good parking spot than it does to get where we wanted! 

Understanding the need for a viable solution to solve these problems for all, we entered the electric scooter market almost 10 years ago.

We predicted a decade ago that electric scooters will soon take over traditional ways of commuting since they’re a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to our transportation woes. Our predictions came true, and today we’re the largest electric scooter wholesale supplier in the USA.  

As businesses are opening up again and the luxury of working from home looks to be over soon, does that mean you have to go back to spending hours stuck in the commute?

Not if we can have a say about it. Now there are several reasons we can cite why we consider ourselves to be the best, but instead of getting into all of them, here are top 5 reasons why we’re the best electric scooter supplier in LA. 

1. First-rate quality: 

We pride ourselves on the quality that we provide for our customers, no matter what product that they decide to get. When we started this business, our main goal was to make sure that our electric bikes would be of the finest quality we would be able to offer; and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing even after all these years.  

Our rigorous quality checks mean that you don’t have to keep coming back for maintenance. We’re confident that you won’t have any problems with any of the electric scooters you buy from us, but even if you do feel like something’s wrong, we offer a 3-month warranty to ease your worries. 

Having sold thousands of units over the years, our products have had less than a 1% defect rate, which is utterly unheard of in the market. It gives us immense pride that over the years all of our electric scooter models, whether it’s A11, A3, or the Moped, have always had raving reviews from our customers.   

2. Years of expertise:

What makes us confident in our abilities to claim ourselves as the best electric scooter wholesale usa supplier is the fact that we, as a company, hold over 10+ years of experience in this business. Through thick and thin, we’ve had enough time to know what our customers want and how to deliver the perfect product. 

We may have started small, but with the immense support we received through an entire market of students, businessmen and people from all walks of life who were in urgent need for mobility, we’ve overtaken all our competitors in the market.

3. Largest supplier in California:

Our business growth has been completely organic and based purely on our expertise, through trial and error, in meeting the exact consumer needs our customers had in mind.

There’s a simple reason that explains why we’ve grown to become the best electric scooter wholesale usaOur growth can be attributed to a simple strategy we adopted from the start. It’s easy to design a product and release it in the market. But this stringent policy doesn’t take into account the needs of the actual users, the consumers. It’s much harder to keep incorporating feedback into your product, until you reach something that not only sells well but also fulfills the needs of the users. And that’s when you can start thinking about sales targets. 

4. Excellent reviews:

In any business, the approval and the review of the customer is incredibly important. Reviews not only help us grow, but let other consumers know about the quality of the product they’re investing in.

At Los Angeles Scooter Pros, we make sure to prioritize reviews and we’re glad that our consumers understand the need and leave us references. We’re proud to be the best electric scooter wholesale usa supplier, but if you don't want to take our word for it, we can gladly provide you with references!  

5. Warehouse visits:

We understand that trusting products easily on the internet can be a bit much to ask for; that’s why we believe that the customer should have the privilege to visit the warehouse where these products are made, themselves and judge the quality and material that we use. Our entire retail/warehouse is based in the USA, easily accessible to everyone of you that needs to have a visit. So, if you’re unsure about our product by just looking at it online, you’re free to come check out our warehouse for yourself!